Delighted to sign with Speegra.

At the start of the year I began my “take over the world plan”, then I hit March and was extremely delayed by a series of cortisone injections that basically wiped me out, an allergy to the contents of said procedure meant months of feeling really bad, with no energy and the hot flushes of a menopausal woman. I am still getting the flushes, but I am now on the road to getting back to normal.  I can play the guitar and just about limp through a set and the studio is sounding better than ever. A couple of months ago I met with Richard Jackson Bass, a former EMI man who together with Jane Henley had started a label and publishing house called Speegra. I had contacted them to say I was looking to take my music to the next level and they kindly agreed to meet me on my trip to our old stomping ground. It was a great meeting and I instantly felt that with Richard’s drive and enthusiasm and Jane’s all round great philosophy, I could have the makings of the team that would help me complete my world take over.

In the middle of all this I wrote a couple of songs for a documentary and live score project about WW1, my songs matched the narrative and gave a picture of a certain point in a young soldiers life, prior to dispatch to the front lines. It has strong local ties to Lancashire and Leyland but more importantly it was a pleasure to work on. You can have a listen to one of  my tracks by clicking HERE,  I really felt proud of my work and to be contributing to something that should be remembered and shouted about.

And then for something completely different…..Earlier this month I went to see Monty Python with my brother. Since I packed in the booze we had lost that connection we used to share, we would always be having a pint or ringing each other to discuss mammoth sessions. So it was a huge thing for me to feel like we shared something again. I know lives change and all the rest of it, but it felt like we were still kids sharing a joke and more importantly doing it together. It was at this juncture that I managed to meet up with Richard again to sign with Speegra and thus set me back on my way to musical world domination. So without further delay I am onwards and upwards, I should be back on track by the end of the month, with new material sounding really exciting and pitching for more and more film work, I really do think that I stand a chance to make this whole noise thing work.

I hope everyone who gets a read of this is keeping well and doing good, as before I sign off I have one more thing to say, I have faced what I faced and will always carry that burden with me, but I have never been so happy as I am at this moment. It is thanks to people who have embraced my story and have shared my music, it has been a release for me and it has been my reason for staying sober, that and my amazing wife, but that is a whole other post. I know clichés seem to come flowing out of people when they talk about facing addiction or feeling they have survived something, but the reason for that is pretty simple. I may not agree with every cliche but I do agree with every sentiment that keeps people getting by. If anyone reads this and needs to talk or to just share their problems, please please send me a message. I have also seen the devastating consequences of bottling up problems or feeling like nothing can help over the last two weeks, but believe me when I say you just have to ask. Life is a fragile game and it doesn’t take a lot to make it seem like an uphill battle. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, its not going to make people judge you any differently, sure you will have stumbles or doubts or days when you can’t shake the funk, but there is always someone to listen in me without judgement, without dismissal and without fear. So do send an email to, where we can start the ball rolling and I will try not to shower you with cliches or wrap you in a blanket of platitudes, but help you start to clear the smoke from your eyes and look ahead. My dad told me a story about one day waking after years of fighting solitude and living with regret, he walked outside in the middle of a job in Jeddah and said he smelt the air differently, it smelt fresh and new and the colours were more vibrant, it was his smelling the roses moment, it is worth fighting for that moment as when you get it everything else seems a breeze.

speak soon everyone and keep an eye out for an exclusive share later on this week…

Author: Andy Oliver

I hail from a little town in the north east of England called Hartlepool, famed for its monkey hanging past and its friendly folk. I have been making music over the past few years and have had a fair amount of success, since packing in the demon drink. Its this battle that has been helped by music and by the people who have stood by me. I am forever grateful for their support and I hope you see something in my music, that they have!