New EP And All Set To Move…..

I think we all get to a point in our lives where we reflect on what we have achieved. I feel like I have got to that point now, I am happy, I am relatively healthy (broken neck aside) and I am about to start an adventure. It is always hard to look back and not regret, i think few people can in their lifetimes. My life has comprised of two very different stories, one has been well documented on here and other places. I have definitely learned from my mistakes and moved on, but no matter how far you get away from something, it still holds a lot of power over you. I think that with this EP I wanted to explore these questions and offer my viewpoint. Ordinary day is a track that I think will resonate with a lot of people, some days you just want to end and the smallest problem can turn into a mountain to climb. “Shock Of The Fall” is my observation on how it feels when you are suffering this illness, how you imagine people perceive you and what you need to help you through. The title track is very much how I feel about where I am in life, no hidden agenda, just gratitude for making it this far and what lays ahead. “Why Are We Strangers Now” is a letter to myself when I was drinking, a letter I never wrote, ┬ábut one that I think shows the impact drink has on you. It felt like I had lost a friend when I stopped and I hope it is conveyed in the song. “We were Young” Is a track I wrote with Jim Ellel, we literally wrote it in one sitting and I think it is a nice little tune, it doesn’t scream a point of view, but it does show how reflective we all become.

“Why God Why?” is a lament to choices we make, internal arguments we face and the significance of it all. Reasons is a love song as such, that shows sometimes you don’t need a marching band and a fanfare, just love.


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Author: Andy Oliver

I hail from a little town in the north east of England called Hartlepool, famed for its monkey hanging past and its friendly folk. I have been making music over the past few years and have had a fair amount of success, since packing in the demon drink. Its this battle that has been helped by music and by the people who have stood by me. I am forever grateful for their support and I hope you see something in my music, that they have!