Soundtrack and Video Production

As well as playing Live and recording my own material for release, I also write and produce music for Theatre, Television and Film. I have worked with several companies over the past two years, since opening up this line of creativity.

Companies such as the brilliant new up and coming North East based theatre company ODD MAN OUT  I both starred in their production and wrote the score for “The Guest” which received excellent reviews.

I have also completed my first full feature film score for LEM Films which was set in the 80’s and is called “Dream On” This was a challenge to create something which was completely removed from my usual sound.Click the image below for a  for a quick preview of trailer …. or you can listen to more of the soundtrack by visiting Soundcloud by clicking HERE

Dream On Sountrack
Dream On Sountrack

This premiers in London next month. I have also begun working on the second project for this company which is “Celluloid” due for release later this year. You can see an example of my music on Celluloid below.


 or listen to the tracks by clicking the image below

front celluloid

I have also produced music and video’s for companies such as Precious At Whalley, Artisan One and Bibi Alhajah for online marketing purposes.

I have just completed my first music video which required me to write, direct and produce the finished article for Sara Creeney’s fabulous new single “Into You

If you need any of the above services no matter how small or how big your request I will be happy to talk through your project and offer a quote please feel free to email me on